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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles An Introduction Book CoverUnmanned Aerial Vehicles

An Introduction

P.K. Garg

ISBN: 9781683927099
Pub Date:  July 2021
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 400
Price: $51.95


This book provides an overview of the basic concepts and components of UAVs, the various sensors used, architecture of autonomous UAVs, communication tools and devices to acquire real-time data from UAVs, the software needed to analyze the UAV data, required rules and regulations to fly UAVs, various application areas, and future areas of research which is needed to handle relevant challenges.



1: Overview of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 2: Various Components of UAV. 3: Autonomous UAVs.
4: Communication Infrastructure of UAVs. 5: UAV Data Collection and Processing Methods.
6: Regulatory Systems for UAVs. 7: Various Applications of UAVs. 8: The Future of UAV Technology. References. Index.


P. K. Garg is a university professor in civil engineering whose special research interests are UAV and aeronautical engineering.