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XX Book CoverSoftware Architecture Basics

V. Paul

ISBN: 978-1-68392-359-6
Pub Date:  February 2019
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 200
Price: $59.95


This book describes the concepts of software architecture and design patterns. It  helps the readers to develop complex software systems using a methodological approach. The book covers system architecture perspectives, software architectural patterns, pattern analysis, and distributions. It also provides insight into the layering structure and meta-data mapping of software.


1. Software Architecture. 2. Archetypes and Archetype Patterns. 3. Patterns. 4. EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and Middleware References. Index.


V. Paul (PhD) is a university administrator with extensive experience in industry with IBM as a web engineer and with Microsoft as a system architect. He has written numerous articles for international journals.