PreAlgebra Essentials

David A. Santos, Ph.D.

ISBN:   978-1-937585-21-1 (print)
Ebook:   978-1-937585-30-3 ($39.95)
Pub Date:   May 2016
Specs:   8 x 10   Paperback (4 color) with CD
Pages:   200 pp.
Price:   $39.95

Designed for the reader who only uses arithmetic in daily routine, the book introduces the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It progresses to cover fractions, decimals and percentages that would be used in practical situations.


About the Author

David A. Santos, Ph.D. (late) held positions at Community College of Philadelphia, the University of North Texas, the University of Puerto Rico, and the University of Pennsylvania. He held an AB in Mathematics from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.