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Photograph Restoration and Enhancement Using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017Photograph Restoration and Enhancement

Using Adobe Photoshop® CC 2017

Vickie Ellen Wolper

(Manchester Community College)

ISBN: 9781683921509
Pub Date:  September 2017
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback (4 color) /DVD
Pages: 350
Price: $54.95


This updated best-seller is designed for anyone to learn to restore and enhance their film and digital photographs. Beginning with an easy reading introduction to the specific tools and commands in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, the reader is then guided through hands-on training in repairing photograph scratches, tears, color correction, image straightening, understanding resolution, etc. Additionally, numerous tips on fixing the "not so perfect" photo (both film and digital) are included. 4-color images are provided for the hands-on exercises to practice the techniques as you learn, or you can use your own photos to complete the exercises! While focusing on Photoshop CC 2017, this book offers users of all versions of Photoshop, comprehensive projects that will guide them through the process of creating professional restorations and enhancements.



Part One: Preparing Your Photographs for Restoration and Enhancement. 1: Readying an Image for Adobe Photoshop. 2: An Introduction to Working in Photoshop. 3: Selection. 4: Working in Layers.5: Transformation Essentials. 6: Painting and Printing. Part Two: Restoring and Enhancing Your Photographs. 7: Repairing Tears, Folds, and Holes. 8: Repairing Minor Surface Flaws. 9: Correcting Lighting, Contrast, and Discoloration. 10: Enhancing Photographs by Adding, Deleting, Replacing, and Blurring Content. 11: Tricks and Trade Secrets. 12: Conquering Special Challenges. 13: Putting It All Together: Applying Your Skills to Complex Restoration and Enhancement Projects. Index.


Vickie Ellen Wolper has been an art educator for over 30 years and is currently an adjunct instructor in graphic design at Hesser College and Manchester College (New Hampshire).


(Included with this text and also available by contacting the publisher by writing to:
• Photographs to complete all projects covered in the text
• Extra Try It Yourself Projects for each chapter
• Copies of all figures used in the text
• 7 Demonstration videos