An Introduction

Sarhan M. Musa, PhD, Texas A&M-Prairie View

ISBN: 978-1-938549-70-0
Pub Date:  April 2020
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback with DVD
Pages: 516
Price: $89.95

This book deals with the basic concepts of geometrical and physical optics, including lasers and fiber optics. It contains numerous diagrams, worked-out examples, and related questions-answers to help readers in the comprehension and appreciation of the concepts.


1: Theory of Light. 2: Reflection and Refraction. 3: Refraction at a Spherical Surface. 4: Aberrations of Optical Images. 5: Optical Instruments. 6: Nature of Light and Simple Harmonic Motion. 7: Wave Motion and Light Waves. 8: Huygens's Principle. 9: Interference of Light. 10: Diffraction of Light. 11: Polarization of Light. 12: Lasers. 13: Fiber Optics and Sensors. Appendices. Index.


+Covers basic concepts of geometrical and physical optics, including lasers, fiber optics, and sensors +Balances theoretical concepts with numerous diagrams, examples, and applications

About The Author

Sarhan M. Musa, PhD teaches numerous courses at Texas A&M Prairie View and is the author of several books including Computational Nanophotonics (CRC Press) and Finite Element Analysis (MLI).