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Metallurgical Engineering HandbookMetallurgical Engineering Handbook

MLI Handbook Series

Editor: S. Musa, PhD

(Prairie View A&M, TX)

O.P. Gupta, PhD


ISBN: 9781683921400
Pub Date:  November 2017
Specs: 7 x 9   Hard Cover
Pages: 680
Price: $99.95


This is a comprehensive book for quick reference and review of metallurgical topics in an objective type question/answer format. Contains over 6000 questions with answers.



1. General Metallurgy. 2. Mineral Dressing. 3. Iron Making. 4. Steel Making. 5. Extractive Metallurgy. 6. Mechanical Metallurgy. 7. Physical Metallurgy. 8. Material Science. 9. Fuel Technology. 10. Furnace Technology. 11. Refractory Technology. 12. Foundry Metallurgy. 13. Welding Metallurgy 14. Metallurgy of Nuclear Metals.  15. Electrometallurgy and Corrosion. 16. Metallurgical Testing and Inspection. 17. Metallurgical Analysis. 18. Physics of Metals 19. Metallurgical Thermodynamics. 20. Metallurgical Kinetics. 21. Miscellaneous Questions.


Sarhan Musa holds a PhD in electrical engineering and is currently a professor in the engineering technology department at Prairie View A&M University, Texas.