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Mathematical Methods for PhysicsMathematical Methods for Physics

Using MATLAB & Maple

James Claycomb, PhD

(Houston Baptist University)

ISBN: 9781683920984
Pub Date:  March 2018
Specs: 7 x 9   Hard Cover
Pages: 786
Price: $89.95


This book may be used by students and professionals in physics and engineering that have completed first-year calculus and physics. An introductory chapter reviews algebra, trigonometry, units and complex numbers that are frequently used in physics. Examples using MATLAB and Maple for symbolic and numerical calculations in physics with a variety of plotting features are included in all 16 chapters. The book applies many of mathematical concepts in chapter 1-9 to fundamental physics topics in mechanics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics and relativity in chapters 10-16. Companion files are included with MATLAB and Maple worksheets and files, and all of the figures from the text.



1. Fundamentals. 2. Vectors Matrix Methods. 3. Calculus. 4. Vector Calculus. 5. Ordinary Differential Equations. 6. Special Functions. 7. Fourier Series and Integral Transforms. 8. Partial Differential Equations. 9. Complex Analysis. 10. Classical Mechanics. 11. Electromagnetics. 12. Quantum Mechanics. 13. Statistical Mechanics. 14. Special Relativity. 15. General Relativity. 16. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. Bibliography. Appendices. Index.


J. R. Claycomb, PhD is Professor of Physics at Houston Baptist University and has authored or co-authored several titles in physics.


  1. Corrections: Page 516
  2. Page 48 Exercise 33
    Page 102 Exercise 7
    Page 391 Exercise 4
    Page 516 under Potential inside a Cylinder
    Page 584 Exercise 71
    Page 575 Exercise 6
    Page 644 Exercise 30
    Page 644 Exercise 31
    Page 646 Exercise 40
    Page 765 Exercise 19