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Foundations Of Mathematics Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry & Calculus
Foundations Of Mathematics

Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry & Calculus

Philip Brown
(Texas A&M University at Galveston)

ISBN: 978-1-942270-75-1
Pub Date: March 2016
Specs: 8.5 x 11   Paperback
Pages: 500
Price: $49.95

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Foundations of Mathematics offers the university student or interested reader a unique reference book by covering the basics of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus.  There are many instances in the book to demonstrate the interplay and interconnectedness of these topics. The book presents definitions and examples throughout for clear, easy learning. For this reason there are many exercises included at the ends of the chapters and students are encouraged to do all of the exercises as an essential part of working through the book. This book offers a unique experience for readers to understand different areas of mathematics in a clear, concise text.


The only available calculus textbook that also includes all the mathematics that students need to know in order to learn calculus. This allows students to review any topics in algebra, trigonometry or functions while they are learning calculus. Instructors can assign exercises in any of these topics where students have a deficiency.


1. The Laws of Algebra. 2. The Cartesian Plane. 3. Solving Equations and Factorizing Polynomials. 4. Trigonometry. 5. Functions. 6. Advanced Techniques of Algebra. 7. Limits. 8. Differential Calculus. 9. Euclidean Geometry. 10. Spherical Trigonometry.       



Philip Brown is an Associate Professor at Texas A&M University at Galveston. He has published several articles on various mathematics topics.