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Direct Energy Conversion Technologies Book CoverDirect Energy Conversion Technologies

R.K. Singal, PhD
M. Tabatabaian, PhD

ISBN: 9781683924531
Pub Date:  November 2019
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 232
Price: $59.95


The book is designed for students and professionals who specialize in energy technologies and power plant engineering. It covers the mathematics and physics of both current conversion, such as solar cells, fuel cells, MHD, thermoelectric, and thermionic power generation, but also discusses emerging conversion technologies such as solar thermal, nuclear fusion, and hydrogen energy.



1. Energy Conversion Technologies. 2. Solar Cells. 3. Fuel Cells. 4. MHD Power Generation. 5. Thermoelectric Power Generation. 6. Thermionic Power Generation. 7. Exploring New Energy Technologies. 8. Solar Thermal Energy. 9. Nuclear Fusion Energy. 10. Hydrogen Energy.


R.K. Singal, PhD is a university instructor with a specialty in wind and solar power.
M. Tabatabaian, PhD is a university instructor in renewable energy and thermal engineering.