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XX Book CoverDimensional Analysis For Unit Conversion Using Matlab®

Roger W. Pryor

ISBN: 978-1-683922-42-1
Pub Date:  June 2018
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 168
Price: $79.95


This book and MATLAB® app package will accurately convert values from one unit of measure to another using standard conversion factors.  It performs conversions from and to the inch-pound system units used in the USA and the International System of Units (SI) as documented in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publications of conversions for general use. There are 1,316 conversion factors available for bidirectional conversion from / to SI units, organized into 44 minor subsections by topic under eight major topical sections. There is also an alphabetical section comprising 445 conversion factors for unidirectional conversion to SI units. It also converts CGS and other "unacceptable" units (conversion factors not for general use, i.e. as in science, engineering, etc.).

The application performs all three steps in the conversion process: application of the relevant conversion factor, selection of significant digits, and rounding of the result. Conversion factors designated as "exact" are definitions, or they have been set by agreements that define the factor value precisely. All other conversion factors, designated as "derived," result from truncation of decimal places and/or calculation by a combination of other factors.The unit converter will run on any MacOS or Windows platform that has MATLAB R2018A or R2018B installed.



1: Introduction to Dimensions. 2: A Basic Introduction to Dimensional Analysis. 3: An Introduction to the International System of Units (SI). 4: An Introduction to Unacceptable Dimensional Units. 5: An Introduction to the International System of Units (SI) – Conversion Factors for General Use (Unidirectional Alphabetical Conversion App Section). Appendix A: Installation, Quick Start, and Use of the Enhanced Unit Converter MATLAB App. Appendix B: App Details. Appendix C: Conversion Examples. Appendix D: Support Tabs and Help. Appendix E: References. Index.


The companion files include:
--The MATLAB conversion app.
The unit converter will run on any MacOS or Windows platform that has MATLAB R2018A or R2018B installed.
(Files are also available by writing to the publisher at


Roger W. Pryor, PhD is president and CEO of Pryor Knowledge systems. He is a scientist with an international reputation in materials research, electronics technology, and electronics applications in both industry and academia. He is the author of several books, including Multiphysics Modelling Using COMSOL 5