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Data Structures And Algorithms In C++
Pocket Primer

Lee Wittenberg

ISBN: 9781683920847
Pub Date:  April 2017
Specs: 6 x 9   Paperback with CD
Pages: 200
Price: $44.95


This book takes a minimalist approach to the traditional data structures course. It covers only those topics that are absolutely essential; the more esoteric structures and algorithms are left for later study. Suitable for an introductory data structures course or self-study, this book is written from the ground up in C++ (not translated from a Java-based text), and uses features of the C++ Standard Template Library to illustrate important concepts. A unique feature of the text is its use of literate programming techniques (originally developed by Donald Knuth) to present the sample code in a way that keeps the code from overwhelming the accompanying explanations. This book is suitable for an undergraduate data structures course using C++ or for developers needing review. 



1: C++ Review.  2: Algorithm Analysis.  3: Linked Lists.  4: Stacks and Queues.  5: Recursion.  6: Binary Trees. 7: Binary Trees (Continued).  8: Sorting.  9: Hash Tables.  10: Graphs.  Appendices: A. Programmer's Library.  B. STL Class Summary.  C. Chunk Index. Index.


Lee Wittenberg (Professor Emeritus/Maryville College, TN) holds a degree from Stanford University and has taught computer science courses for over thirty years. He continues to teach as an adjunct instructor and was formerly an employee of Bell Labs.