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Cloud Computing For Linux And Android Book CoverCloud Computing For Linux And Android

S. Anandamurugan, PhD
T. Priyaa
M.C. Babu

ISBN: 9781683925101
Pub Date:  June 2020
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 450
Price: $54.95

This book is designed to introduce the reader to cloud computing concepts as they relate to the Linux and Android operating systems. The book has fourteen chapters with each chapter presenting both basics to advanced concepts. It contains ten chapters on cloud  technology and the Linux  platform, then three chapters on Android technology using the cloud  platform, and  the final chapter contains  five case  studies, which  include the real- time executed projects.  Throughout the book many cloud-based tools and software have been discussed. 



1: Introduction to Computing. 2: Principles and Workings of Cloud Computing. 3: Classifications. 4: Services. 5: Cloud Computing in Action. 6: Real-Time Cloud Computing and Its Applications. 7: LINUX and Open-Source Cloud Computing. 8: UBUNTU Cloud Computing. 9: Mobile Cloud Computing. 10: Android in the Cloud. 11: Google Cloud Messaging for Android. 12: Business Cloud Computing. 13: Issues and Risks in Cloud Computing. 14: Case Studies. Index.