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COMSOL Heat Transfer Models Book CoverCOMSOL Heat Transfer Models

Layla Mayboudi, PhD

ISBN: 9781683922117
Pub Date:  January 2020
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 400
Price: $54.95


This book guides the reader through the process of model creation for heat transfer analysis with the finite element method. The book describes thermal imaging experiments that demonstrate how such models can be validated. It presents application examples, such as heating water in a kettle, to basement insulation, a heated seat, molten rock, pipe flow, and an innovative extended surface. A companion disc provides the files so models can be run (using COMSOL or other software) in order to observe real-world behavior of the applications. Historical background information is provided to show the progression of heat transfer science and mathematical modeling from the earliest developments to the most recent advances in technology.



1. Introduction. 2. Modeling Systems. 3. Heat Transfer and Flow Thermal Sciences. 4. Finite Element Analysis. 5. COMSOL Multiphysics Models. 6. Case Study 1—A Cup of Hot Tea. 7. Case Study 2—Basement Insulation. 8. Case Study 3—Heating Water Inside a Kettle. 9. Case Study 4—Heated Seat. 10. Case Study 5—Face Mask. 11. Case Study 6—Solidified Molten Rock. 12. Case Study 7—Rotini Fin, a Fin with a Twist. 13. Case Study 8—Flow inside a Pipe. 14. Good Practices. 15. Lean Six Sigma Implementation. 16. Conclusion. Appendices. Index.


Layla S. Mayboudi holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a thermofluids specialization. She has published books, journal articles, and has several years of experience in education, aerospace, and rail transportation.