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Big Data Using Hadoop and Hive Book CoverBig Data Using Hadoop and Hive

Nitin Kumar

ISBN: 9781683926450
Pub Date:  March 2021
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 250
Price: $54.95


This book is the basic guide for developers, architects, engineers, and anyone who wants to start leveraging the open-source software Hadoop and Hive to build distributed, scalable concurrent big data applications. Hive will be used for reading, writing, and managing the large, data set files. The book is a concise guide on getting started with an overall understanding on Apache Hadoop and Hive and how they work together to speed up development with minimal effort. It will refer to simple concepts and examples, as they are likely to be the best teaching aids. It will explain the logic, code, and configurations needed to build a successful, distributed, concurrent application, as well as the reason behind those decisions.



1: Big Data. 2: What Is Apache Hadoop? 3: The Hadoop Distribution File System.4: Getting Started with Hadoop. 5: Interfaces to Access HDFS Files. 6: Yet Another Resource Negotiator. 7: MapReduce. 8: Hive. 9: Getting Started with Hive. 10: File Format. 11: Data Compression. Index.


Nitin Kumar has 18+ years of overall IT experience with technical specialty in architecture, systems analysis, design, performance tuning, and execution on a Distributed Parallel Processing system. He has published books and papers with special focus on Agile, Big Data, streaming, Java, and re-factoring. 


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