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Behçet’s Disease

Joanne Zeis

ISBN: 978-1-938549-40-3
Pub Date:  October 2014
Specs: 6 x 9   Paperback with CD
Pages: 125
Price: $24.95


Behçet’s disease is a rare, vascular autoinflammatory illness that is little understood outside of its “Silk Road” origins (countries of the Far East, Middle East, and Mediterranean basin). Using a question-and-answer format – along with illustrations and photographs – this book gives easy-to-understand explanations of common patient concerns. Detailed information is provided on causes, symptoms, complications, and treatments for Behçet’s disease. Physicians in training and/or new to the field of Behçet’s will find that included material is referenced and evidence-based, and that the book has been reviewed in advance of publication by clinicians noted in the research and treatment of Behçet’s. This book includes numerous in-text Web links to relevant information at the National Institutes of Health and other online sources. The companion disc includes videos, resources, and illustrations to help you better understand all of the material from the book, as well as links to international Behçet’s patient organizations and to free public-access medical journal articles about Behçet’s.


Brief Table of Contents

PART 1: An overview of Behçet’s disease. PART 2: Behçet’s disease around the world. PART 3: Diagnosis of Behçet’s disease. PART 4: Oral and genital sores and other skin lesions. PART 5: Eye disease in Behçet’s. PART 6: Behçet’s and the nervous system. PART 7: Behçet’s and the gastrointestinal (GI) system. PART 8: Behçet’s and the ears/nose/throat. PART 9: Behçet’s and the cardiovascular system. PART 10: Behçet’s and the lungs. PART 11: Behçet’s in children and families. PART 12: Behçet’s in pregnancy and postpartum. PART 13: Treatments for Behçet’s disease. PART 14: Prognosis. On the CD-ROM.

About the Author

As a long-time member and supporter of the American Behçet’s Disease Association, Joanne Zeis works closely with the organization in distributing books and resources for patients, their loved ones, and healthcare providers. She is the author of Essential Guide to Behçet’s Disease and You are Not Alone: 15 People with Behçet’s and has been living with Behçet’s disease since 1979.