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Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century Third EditionArtificial Intelligence in the 21st Century

Third Edition

Stephen Lucci, PhD (The City College of New York)
Danny Kopec, PhD (Late, Brooklyn College

ISBN: 978-1-68392-223-0
Pub Date:  December 2018
Specs: 8 x 10   Hard Cover with Disc
Pages: ~850
Price: $99.95


This third edition provides a comprehensive, colorful, up-to-date, and accessible presentation of AI without sacrificing theoretical foundations. It includes numerous examples, applications, full color images, and human interest boxes to enhance student interest. New chapters on deep learning, robotics and machine learning are included. Advanced topics cover neural nets, genetic algorithms, natural language processing, planning, and complex board games. A companion disc is provided with resources, applications, and figures from the book. Numerous instructors' resources are available upon adoption.



1: Overview of AI. 2: Uninformed Search. 3: Intelligent Search Methods. 4: Search Using Games I. 5: Logic in AI. 6: Knowledge Representation. 7: Production Systems. 8. Uncertainty in AI. 9: Expert Systems. 10: Machine Learning I: Decision Trees. 11: Machine Learning 2: Neural Networks. 12: Search Inspired by Mother Nature. 13: Natural Language Processing. 14: Automated Planning. 15: Robotics. 16. Advanced Computer Games. 17. Deep Learning. 18. Future of AI. Appendices.


Stephen Lucci holds a Ph.D. from the CUNY Graduate School and currently teaches computer science at The City College of New York. Dr. Lucci has published in the areas of high performance computing and artificial intelligence. Danny Kopec (Late) held a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh and taught at Brooklyn College. He authored several books and journal articles and was an International Chess Master.