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Artificial Intelligence And Problem Solving book coverArtificial Intelligence And Problem Solving

Danny Kopec (Brooklyn College)
Christopher Pileggi
David Ungar
Shweta Shetty

ISBN: 978-1-944534-58-5
Pub Date:  July 2016
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 350
Price: $49.95


This book lends insight into solving some well-known AI problems using the most efficient problem-solving methods by humans and computers. The book discusses the importance of developing critical-thinking methods and skills, and develops a consistent approach toward each problem. This book assembles in one place a set of interesting and challenging AI–type problems that students regularly encounter in computer science, mathematics, and AI courses. These problems are not new, and students from all backgrounds can benefit from the kind of deductive thinking that goes into solving them. The book is especially useful as a companion to any course in computer science or mathematics where there are interesting problems to solve.


Brief Table of Contents

1: Introduction. 2: Problem Solving. 3: The Missionaries and Cannibals Problem. 4: The 12 Coins Problem. 5: Cryptarithms. 6: The Red Donkey Puzzle. 7: The 15 Puzzle. 8: The Knight’s Tour Problem. 9: Mastermind. 10: The Monty Hall Problem. 11: Rubik’s Cube. 12: The Prisoner’s Dilemma. 13: Sudoku. 14: Map Coloring and the Chromatic Number. 15: Cryptography. 16: Random Walks on Graphs & Monte Carlo Methods.17: Miscellaneous Problems. On the Companion Disc: Appendix A—Student Solutions. Appendix B—12 Coins Algorithm. Appendix C—Human Window Study. Appendix D—Program Solutions to Problems. Index.

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About The Authors

Danny Kopec teaches at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He has authored several books (including Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century 2/e), journal articles, and is an International Chess Master. Christopher Pileggi and David Ungar hold degrees in computer science. Shweta Shetty is an SAP FI Consultant.