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Artificial Intelligence And Expert Systems Book CoverArtificial Intelligence And Expert Systems

I. Gupta
G. Nagpal

ISBN: 9781683925071
Pub Date:  March 2020
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 300
Price: $49.95


This book is designed to identify some of the current applications and techniques of artificial intelligence as an aid to solving problems and accomplishing tasks. It provides a general introduction to the various branches of AI which include formal logic, reasoning, knowledge engineering, expert systems, neural networks, and fuzzy logic, etc. The book has been structured into five parts with an emphasis on expert systems: problems and state space search, knowledge engineering, neural networks, fuzzy logic, and Prolog.



1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. 2. Applications of Artificial Intelligence. 3. Introduction to the State Space Search. 4. Heuristic Search Strategies. 5. Expert Systems. 6. The Expert System Development Life Cycle. 7. Knowledge Acquisition. 8. Knowledge Representation. 9. Neural Networks. 10. The Learning Process. 11. Fuzzy Logic. 12. Fuzzy Systems. 13. Fuzzy Expert Systems. 14. Programming in Logic. 15. Advanced Prolog.


I. Gupta and G. Nagpal teach courses in artificial intelligence and specialize in expert system research.