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AC/DC Module

(Multiphysics Modeling Series)
Inductive Conductivity Measurements Using

Roger W. Pryor

ISBN: 978-1-937585-39-6
Pub Date:  August 2016
Specs: 7 x 9   Hardcover with DVD
Pages: 150
Price: $49.95


This second book in the Multiphysics Modeling series will present the reader with a solved problem that utilizes the AC/DC Module. This model is based on AC/DC multiphysics modeling and employs the use of physics first principles for its solution with inductive conductivity measurements using COMSOL® (4.x) and MATLAB®.


Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Modeling Methodology Using COMSOL 4. Chapter 2: Applicable AC/DC Theory. Chapter 3: Designing the Inductive Measurement Model. Chapter 4: Building the Inductive Measurement Model. Chapter 5: Inductive Measurement Model Results. Chapter 6: Variations on the Inductive Measurement Model. Chapter 7: Using COMSOL LiveLink and MATLAB. Chapter 8: Conclusions.

About the Author

Roger W. Pryor, PhD is a COMSOL Certified Consultant, and has 23 US Patents. In his current position as the president and CEO of Pryor Knowledge Systems, Inc., he advises clients on the solution of both research and production level problems.