Pocket Primer

Oswald Campesato

ISBN: 978-1-938549-68-7
Pub Date:  January 2016
Specs: 5 x 8   Paperback with DVD
Pages: 200
Price: $27.95

This book provides an overview of CSS3 for people who are comfortable with HTML/CSS/Javascript and who want to learn CSS3. This Pocket Primer serves as a starting point for deeper exploration of CSS3.  Readers will learn how to create 2D/3D graphics and animation effects and also how use CSS3 transforms.  Moreover, readers will learn how to use CSS3 with other technologies such as jQuery, HTML5 Canvas, and SVG. In addition, it covers CSS3 advanced features, media queries, and how to create hybrid mobile applications that use CSS3. Includes source code and videos on the companion DVD.


Brief Table of Contents

1:   HTML5 Features. 2:   Introduction to CSS3. 3:   CSS3 2D Graphics Effects.  4:   CSS3 3D Graphics and Animation. 5:   CSS3 Media Queries. 6:   CSS3 Advanced Features. 7:   CSS3 and HTML5 Canvas. 8:   CSS3 and SVG. 9:   CSS Frameworks/Toolkits. 10:  CSS3 and Mobile.

About the Author

Oswald Campesato (San Francisco, CA) specializes in Java, Android, jQuery, and CSS3/SVG graphics. He is the author/co-author of seven books including jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5 for Mobile and Desktop Devices and HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 Primer (Mercury Learning).