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Photoshop CC Video Tutorials: A Complete Guide for Using Layers
 Book CoverPhotoshop CC Video Tutorials

A Complete Guide for Using Layers

Vickie Wolper & Holly Ackerson

ISBN: 9781683925606
Pub Date:  April 2020
Specs: Nine video package - MP4 (MAC/WIN)
Price: $99.95

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This video series will provide the viewer with complete training in all of the elements of the Layers panel of Photoshop CC from its basics to advance features such as Adjustment Layers, Blending Modes, and Layer Groups. As you are guided through the use of a particular Layers panel topic, multiple methods and tips are provided to offer flexible learning based on your unique learning style and future application, whether you use Photoshop for work or home projects. Each video employs a customized Photoshop file specifically designed to guide you through a typical application of the topic being demonstrated.



The following is the list of the videos included in the package:


Vickie Ellen Wolper is a professional user of Photoshop and a higher education instructor specializing in Photoshop training; her expertise has been featured in Yankee Magazine and also on NH Chronicle. Holley Ackerson is an accomplished marketing and design professional with over 25 years of multi-faceted expertise in creating compelling designs and dynamic presentations.