Photograph Restoration and Enhancement Using Adobe Photoshop®

Vickie Ellen Wolper (Manchester Community College / Hesser College)

ISBN:  978-1-936420-39-1
Pub Date:  September 2013
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback (4 color) with DVD
Pages: 568
Price: $59.95

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Photoshop users of all levels will find this easy-reader, building block style book packed with inventive, easy to apply photograph restoration and tonal correction techniques for returning cherished memories back to their original grandeur, and enhancement tips for converting “almost perfect” digital and print photographs into treasured favorites. Comprehensive projects will guide you through the process from start to finish, creating professional restorations and enhancements you will be proud to call your own.



Part One: Preparing Your Photographs for Restoration and Enhancement
Chapter 1: Readying an Image for Adobe Photoshop
Chapter 2: An Introduction to Working in Photoshop
Chapter 3: Selection
Chapter 4: Working in Layers
Chapter 5: Transformation Essentials
Chapter 6: Painting and Printing
Part Two: Restoring and Enhancing Your Photographs
Chapter 7: Repairing Tears, Folds, and Holes
Chapter 8: Repairing Minor Surface Flaws
Chapter 9: Correcting Lighting, Contrast, and Discoloration
Chapter 10: Enhancing Photographs by Adding, Deleting, Replacing, and Blurring Content
Chapter 11: Tricks and Trade Secrets
Chapter 12: Conquering Special Challenges
Chapter 13: Putting It All Together: Applying Your Skills to Complex Restoration and Enhancement Projects


Vickie Ellen Wolper has been using Adobe Photoshop professionally since 1990, with her photograph restoration expertise featured in Yankee Magazine, and on NH Chronicle, New Hampshire’s nightly documentary television series. An educator for over 35 years and a graphics instructor at two local colleges, she founded her company Unique Graphique in 1995, providing graphic software training to individuals and corporations throughout New England. She has built a reputation for teaching complex computer graphic programs using an easy to follow, engaging format and delivery style.


This book is designed for anyone with basic computer skills to learn to restore and enhance their film and digital photographs. Beginning with an easy reading introduction to the specific tools and commands in Adobe Photoshop, the reader is then guided through hands-on training to complete several restoration projects.