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Operating Systems

R. Garg / G. Verma

ISBN: 978-1-942270-38-6
Pub Date:  December 2016
Specs: 6 x 9   Paperback with CD
Pages: 300
Price: $49.95


Designed to provide a step-by-step approach to clarify all of the key concepts of operating systems, the book covers all the topics from basics to mobile device operating systems. This book would be very useful not only as an introductory text for undergraduate students of computer science, but also for those professionals who need to review modern operating systems such as Android and iOS.



1. Operating Systems. 2. Operating Systems Architecture. 3. Process Overview. 4. Threads. 5. CPU Scheduling. 6. Process Synchronization. 7. Deadlocks. 8. Main Memory Management. 9. Virtual Memory. 10. File Systems. 11. I/O Systems. 12. Disk Management. 13. Distributed Operating Systems. 14. Linux. 15. Mobile Operating Systems. Index.


R. Garg is currently an associate professor and computer science coordinator in the Global Institute of Information Technology. G. Verma has published many papers in national / international journals.