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Modern Iron Making HandbookModern Iron Making Handbook

MLI Handbook Series

Editor: S. Musa, PhD

(Prairie View A&M, TX)

R. H. Tupkary, PhD

V. R. Tupkary

ISBN: 9781683921363
Pub Date:  July 2017
Specs: 7 x 9   Hard Cover
Pages: 450
Price: $49.95


This book comprehensively deals with all of the key topics of iron making including blast furnace plants, operations and processes, raw materials, preparation, chemical processes, and more. It includes the latest information on US and global iron making statistics, published by the USGS. The book is full of illustrative examples and diagrams, charts, and figures to make complex concepts easy to understand.



1. Historical. 2. Modern Blast Furnace Plant and Processes. 3. Raw Materials for Iron Making. 4. Main Blast Furnace Fuel: Coke. 5. Distribution of Traditional Burden. 6. Burden Preparation: Treatment of Iron Ores. 7. Burden Preparation: Agglomeration and Sintering. 8. Burden Preparation: Agglomeration and Pelletization. 9. Characterization of BF Charge Materials. 10. Physical-Thermal-Chemical Processes in a Blast Furnace. 11. Construction of a Blast Furnace and its Accessories. 12. Blast Furnace Products: Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning and Utilization. 13. Blast Furnace Operation. 14. Irregularities in Blast Furnace Operation and Their Remedies. 15. Blast Furnace Products -- Slag and Metal. 16. Impact of Burden Preparation and Distribution on Blast Furnace Performance. 17. Modern Blast Furnace Design and Practice. 18. Blast Furnace Operational Control. 19. Alternatives to Blast Furnace: I -- Low-Shaft and Charcoal Furnace. 20. Alternative Routes of Iron Production: II--Electro-Thermal Processes. 21. Alternative Routes of Iron Production: III --Sponge Iron Production. 22. Alternatives to Blast Furnace: IV-- Smelting Reduction (Sr) Processes. Appendix A: Iron Ore In The U.S (March 2017). Appendix B: Iron and Steel (U.S. and World). Appendix C: Iron and Steel Slag (January 2017). Appendix D: Bibliography. Index.