HTML5 and Related Technologies

Concepts and Video Tutorials

Oswald Campesato

ISBN:  978-1-937585-63-1
Pub Date: January 2014
Specs: 7 x 9 Boxed DVD
Pages: eBook 400 pages and 20 video tutorials
Price: $34.95

This boxed, video tutorial and eBook package is accessible to people with a basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, and those more advanced users who will benefit from the examples of sophisticated CSS3 2D/3D animation effects. It covers the features of HTML5, HTML5 Canvas graphics, and CSS3 graphics, and shows how to extend the power of CSS3 with SVG. Readers will have an introduction to HTML5, learn how to create HTML5 pages that use Canvas, CSS3, and SVG to render 2D shapes and Bezier curves, create linear and radial gradients, apply transforms to 2D shapes and JPG files, create animation effects, generate 2D/3D bar charts and line graphs, handle mouse events, and learn the mechanics of creating a Tic-Tac-Toe game. The DVD contains 20 step by step tutorial videos, the complete, hyperlinked eBook, all the source code, and color graphics.



Video Tutorials (20 tutorials including the following topics)
Part 1: Working with HTML5 Web Pages. Part 2: Working with HTML5 CSS3. Part 3: Working with HTML5 Canvas. Part 4: Working with SVG. Part 5: Working with HTML5 and Mobile Apps

E-Book Brief Table of Contents

1:  Features of HTML5. 2   CSS3 Graphics and 2D Animation Effects. 3:  CSS3 3D Animation and SVG. 4:  2D Shapes in Canvas. 5:  Gradient Effects in Canvas. 6:  Circles and Bezier Curves in Canvas. 7:  Transformations in Canvas. 8:  Mouse Events in Canvas. 9:  Animation Effects in Canvas. 10: Canvas-based Charts and Graphs.


Oswald Campesato (San Francisco, CA) specializes in Java, Android, jQuery, and CSS3/SVG graphics. He is the author/co-author of five books including Web 2.0 Fundamentals (JB Learning).


This video tutorial/e-book package covers the features of HTML5 Canvas, CSS3 graphics, and shows how you can extend the power of CSS3 with SVG.  The material in this book is accessible to people who have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.