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MyModernHealth FAQs Series

Emotional Health and Well-Being

Jan Alcoe & Emily Gajewski

ISBN:  9781938549229 
PRICE:  $24.95
PUB DATE:  January 2014
FORMAT:  Paperback with DVD
PAGES:  100
TRIM SIZE:  6.00 x 9.00
SERIES:  Science & Health

This book is an informative and practical guide for using the mind to improve health, resilience, and well-being. Drawn from many tried and tested methods and using a question and answer format, it also includes over 30 practical activities for improving well-being and coping with emotional, mental, and physical difficulties. The book covers stress, panic, worry, sleep deprivation, self-esteem, setting goals, building self-confidence, and more. The companion CD-ROM includes audio recordings for relaxation, checklists, and numerous NIH mini-booklets. You can learn how to use these resources in many positive ways to enhance your physical health, lower stress levels, cope with anxiety, anger, and break negative habits.


Brief Table of Contents

1. Laying the Foundations of Emotional Health and Well-being. 2. Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Panic, and Worry. 3. Controlling Negative Thinking and Avoiding Depression. 4. Reducing Anger. 5. Improving Physical Health and Sleep. 6. Setting Goals and Boosting Motivation. 7. Enhancing Assertiveness, Self-esteem, and Confidence. 8. Changing Unhelpful Habits and Patterns 9. Toward Contentment. On the CD-ROM. Glossary. Useful References. Index.


Jan Alcoe, a registered hypnotherapist and trainer, runs workshops and retreats on coping with cancer, well-being, coping with anxiety and stress, values, and spirituality in health care.

Emily Gajewski is a registered occupational therapist, a Fellow of The Human Givens Institute, and she has worked in a wide range of mental health settings for over 13 years as a therapist, trainer, and supervisor.