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Data Science Tools - R - Excel - KNIME - OpenOffice Book CoverData Science Tools

R - Excel - KNIME - OpenOffice

Christopher Greco

ISBN: 9781683925835
Pub Date:  May 2020
Specs: 7 x 9   Paperback
Pages: 206
Price: $46.95


In the world of data science there are myriad tools available to analyze data.  This book describes some of the popular software application tools along with the processes for downloading and using them in the most optimum fashion.  The content includes data analysis using Microsoft Excel, KNIME, R, and OpenOffice (Spreadsheet). Each of these tools will be used to apply statistical concepts including confidence intervals, normal distribution, T-Tests, linear regression, histograms, and geographic analysis using real data from Federal Government sources. 



1: First Steps. 2: Importing Data. 3: Statistical Tests. 4: More Statistical Tests. 5: Statistical Methods for Specific Tools. 6: Summary. 7: Supplemental Information. Index.


Christopher Greco is a COMPTIA Certified Technical Trainer and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with numerous years of industry experience in the areas of data analysis, cybersecurity, and IT instruction and training.