Classic Game Design

From Pong to Pac-Man with Unity

Franz Lanzinger

ISBN:  9781937585976
PRICE:  $49.95
PUB DATE:  June 2013
FORMAT:  Paperback with DVD
PAGES:  300
TRIM SIZE:  7.00 x 9.00
SERIES:  Computer Science

You too can learn to design and develop classic arcade video games like PongPac-ManSpace Invaders, and Scramble. Collision detection, extra lives, power ups, and countless other essential design elements were invented by the mostly anonymous designers at the early pioneering companies that produced these great games. In this book you’ll go step by step, using modern, free software tools such as Unity3D to create five games in the classic style, inspired by these classics: PongBreakoutSpace InvadersScramble, and Pac-Man. All the source code, art and sound sources for the projects are freely available on the companion DVD or at the book's Web site. You'll discover the fun of making your own games, putting in your own color graphics, adjusting the scoring, coding the AI, and creating the sound effects. You'll gain a deep understanding of the roots of modern video game design: the classics of the seventies and eighties. 



1: Introduction. 2: Tools Of The Trade. 3: Pong. 4: Classic Paddle Game:  5: Breakout. 6: Classic Brick Game. 7: Space Invaders. 8: Classic Vertical Shooter 9: Scramble. 10: Classic Scrolling Shooter. 11: Pac-Man. 12: Classic Maze Game. Epilogue. Appendix I: Programming Using UnityScript. Appendix II: Eight Rules of Classic Game Design.


Franz Lanzinger is president and owner of Actual Entertainment Inc. (Sunnyvale CA) and one of the pioneers from the classic game era as programmer and designer of Crystal Castles.